May 7, 2008

Are trojans a music lover?

Fond of downloading Mp3's from the internet? or maybe using third party software for p2p filesharing? you better watch out for this new way that adware pushers new discovered trick for putting trojans to your computer. The vendor of Mc Afee antivirus software reported that trojans hide in mp3 files from p2p sharing. The uninvited visitors looks like a real mp3 file with also it's extension. If you will try to play the downloaded mp3, there will be no content but instead, stealthily puts media player and adware to your PC

Fake file names include: preview-t-3545425-changing times earth wind .mp3 and t-3545425-just got lucky.mp3. Schmugar listed more filenames, as well as details on the adware

Users are first asked to OK an end-user license agreement before the Trojan installs two programs, Mirar and NetNucleus, on their PCs.

Ironically, while the Mirar software tells users that it doesn't display popups, NetNucleus does deliver popup ads, so users who do not realize that they are installing two programs might feel tricked, Schmugar said. "You have a Window telling you that there are no popups and right behind it is a popup."

Although McAfee has seen some nasty software disguising itself as media files in the past, it has never seen anything on this scale, Schmugar said. Over the past 24 hours, nearly a third of the McAfee customers who reported data back to the security company have detected these files, he said.

In the past few days McAfee has spotted the files on more than 360,000 users' desktops.