May 6, 2008

I'ts now OPEN

Now it's here comes with a new package. Sun microsystems gives an early christmas gift for all developers. The open solaris OS comes out as a packaged version and started to show it's power to millions of people. Sun's aim is to widely spread the open source operating system and expect more developers will create softwares that will run on Open Solaris Operating System.

The move is the latest in Sun's effort in the better part of a decade to regain relevance in a post-dot-com bust world by transforming into an open source player. Borrowing a trick from Microsoft and its own early successes with Java, Sun has learned that fostering a vibrant developer community, means more apps for your platform, and that theoretically translates into more hardware sales and service contracts, even if the software is free.

Sun doesn't says that linux is open solaris' competitive target but humbly saying that Open Solaris can be the alternative. Already Intel is on board. David Stewart, an engineering manager at Intel, said his company is working with OpenSolaris on projects involving the Xeon chip, wireless, creating server functionality on a laptop, and power optimization.

"Sun doesn't need it to be thought of as a commercial success. The trick is is it large enough to be economically interesting and viable and...self-propagating," Jonathan Eunice stated. "Sun has a pretty good shot at it."


download it here: download