May 8, 2008

Latest: Firefox plugin plus VIRUS

Virus pushers always have the ideas to ruin up every computers in the world. Even Mozilla did not escaped from these viruses. In fact, Mozilla has a warning that the latest plugin that has been downloaded thousand of times had been infected by viruses.

Because of a virus infection, the Vietnamese language pack for Firefox 2 was polluted with adware, Mozilla security chief Window Snyder said in a blog posting. "Everyone who downloaded the most recent Vietnamese language pack since February 18, 2008 got an infected copy," she wrote. "Mozilla does virus scans at upload time but the virus scanner did not catch this issue until several months after the upload."

Mozilla is now added new system scan of thier plug in and also to their other software to prevent another infection in the near future. The open source browser had been used by most people because of it's certain features which is also the limitation of IE by microsoft. This could be the reason why virus attackers find ways to ruin it because of their popularity.

The malware in the language pack is from the Xorer Trojan, according to discussion on Mozilla's Bugzilla developer Web site, which indicates that Mozilla developers first discovered the issue on Tuesday.

"I think it (happened) just because the author's local network was infected with the virus, so it modified HTML files," wrote developer Hai-Nam Nguyen. "The infected code just display(s) annoying banner but it can't propagate."

I hope that viruses can be prevented by this open source maker because most of the people noe prefer freewares.