May 6, 2008

Target: US executives

An hour ago, I saw a report about the newest trick of internet hackers trying to ruin the computers of US executives and get valuable data and steal password for their personal evil purposes. "Whaling " which coined by the internet security insiders which refers to this kind of hacking techniques. It's just a normal means of sending mails to US executives that contains malicious codes but has a more improvement this time. They are sending fake subpoenas for the US executives to make it more effective.

"The success rate was incredibly high," Websense Security Labs manager Stephan Chenette told AFP. The letter attached to emails contains real names, and legal language which makes the letter truly believable. After clicking on the mail, a realistic subpoena is shown and never knowing that hackers stealthily installs keyloggers that capture keyboard strokes and sends data to remote computers over the internet. This is the goal of these hackers, to make use of these gathered data about US executive victims for their evil works. US investigators believed that these cyber criminals do not know exactly the court system because instead of redirecting victims to, they are using The way of writing the fake subpoenas are more likely a british style according to the investigators.

Among the targets have been executives at banking giant CitiBank, Time Warner-owned America OnLine and Internet auction house eBay, according to the courts. This is the business of the underworld, they are selling information about persons they gathered. "The future of spam is to become more evasive and successful," Chenette said. "It is always a cat and mouse game ... a very real game."

Everyone can be the victim. Always question emails with attachments for your own security. Not just the US executive must know this, this must be informed to Philippine businessman and politicians for awareness...please spread the news...