May 5, 2008

Think you're secured?

Are you a gadget freak? if you are, then better read this than be the next victim...

We know that computer viruses usually comes from opening an email attachments, downloading softwares from the internet without knowing what lies ahead on the installation process, some of this softwares contains trojans, worms or even password stealing viruses which is a real threat to one's privacy.
But recent cases of virus spread is not only due to situations stated above, most of the newest gadgets like Apple iPods, digital picture frames which immitated by some chinese manufacturing companies contains viruses which can infect computers and steal your password.
China made gadgets like these are widely sold here in the Philippines because it's cheaper than those authentic one's. These factories installed viruses at the later part of the production, they also conducting some testing to test if the newly installed virus can infect the computer where the gadget is plugged. Some computer users do not have updated antivirus softwares which can lead them into the hands of destruction.
"It's like if you pick up a gun you've never seen before. Before you pull the trigger, you'd probably check the chamber," said Joe Telafici, vice president of operations of McAfee Avert Labs, the security software maker's threat-research arm.
I'd like to share a little knowledge on how to be safe with these viruses:

- An antivirus software is a very big help, they have the large database of viruses and cure for these system destructors. I highly recommend BitDefender antivirus system but be sure to update it to be highly secured.
-if you're plugging the gadget which you suspects that contains viruses, do not double click the drive created by that gadget, this can trigger the autorun script that will run the virus, instead, do the following:

* goto run
*type cmd
*on your command prompt, type "cd\" without the ""
*type "attrib" again, without the ""
*if you see unrecognized files which the file extension is .EXE, autorun.INF or the like, then it has a virus, and kindly scan the drive...=)

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Engr. Cesar Noel said...

There is a much better way of not getting your flash disk infected. Try running Windows Explorer instead of double clicking the drive. Right-click the start button and use the navigation on the left panel to access your flash drive. Just click once to access. Also this method also can be used to delete virus files on the flash drive (but be should to disable hide hidden files and system files)

The Trashman said...

ahhh...thank you for other information sir...=)