May 2, 2008

Unregistered Admin

This was the first time I ever encountered such situation which leads my mind to burst out all of it's capacity to produce ideas concerning this kind of problem. Now let's get to know more of the problem.
I want to clean up my PC to it's cleanest form, I mean formats and deletes all of the things inside it's hard drive. Destroys all of it's partition, and make a totally new PC. After installing windows XP sp2 on my computer, the system reboots and make such changes which is a common thing happening after installation. I was surprised when the PC showed the log on screen, the system requires an administrator password which I cannot understand why, I don't even set an account on the installation process. Several solutions that I have made, take time to see some of my ways to solve this.

Solution No.1:
I have repaired my operating system, which is the first thing that came to me but that move wasn't able to satisfy my need.

Solution No.2:
I gave my BIOS a reset procedure knowing that it's the best way that I can restore defaults and get back my original configurations. Just like the first one, I have not succeeded in this mission.

Solution No.3:
I formatted my hard drive on other system unit. This time, with a new main board thinking that a virus has ruined my BIOS. This ones work for the first time and I am very overwhelmed because I have succeeded this time. But this is my luckiest day (ironically speaking), after the next reboot, the system again requires me a password, (I have forgotten to check out the user settings in the control panel), and again this makes me F**CK*NG mad.

Solution No.4: (eureka!!!)
As I am wondering what could be the missing password, I saw a sign saying that this password might work. As I gave a wrong password, a message appears saying, "did you forget your password, please type the password again", I smiled and said, this is really weird but I typed "again" as the password and presses enter, at to my great surprise, the password didn't work. But I have my last password bet left, I typed "password" as my password and BINGO! I have logged on as administrator...hahaha

Sometimes I am wishing to be as tough as the other people in the world of computers, but I am a newbie and this requires me to encounter most of the problems like this. I am not perfect but I have that guts to try again and again to be great...=)