Jun 17, 2008

XP shutdown

This must be the time for a great change, shifting from an Operating System which had been a part of your daily digitized life is like shifting from a gear 1 to gear 5. It's not easy to understand why microsoft marks June 30 as the end for Windows XP publishing. Windows XP has p[layed a great role to certain end users for their tech needs expecially in government offices here in the philippines. End users find it more easier to perform task under the windows XP operating system that any other OS even Vista or Linux.

maybe it's time for a greater technology which Windows Vista can provide. We can still get windows XP from some sources, learn using torrents. But the meere fact is, XP is at it's end.

Here are some of the details

Despite a brief "Save XP" movement (and continued criticism of Windows Vista from many corners), it appears that Microsoft is not going to change the deadline, which is now just two weeks away.

Although XP will disappear as an option for most computer buyers, the operating system will live on in several key ways.

• XP will be available on PCs from smaller computer makers known as "system builders" until January 31, 2009.

• XP will be available for so-called ultra-low-cost-PCs until June 30, 2010.

• The low-end Windows XP Starter Edition will continue to be available in emerging markets until June 30, 2010.

• Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows Vista Business come with downgrade rights. Some computer makers are using this option to offer machines that appear as Windows XP products but are "factory downgraded" to XP. The downside is that only pricier versions of Vista qualify, but the benefit is that the machines come with the option to eventually move to Vista for no added fee. Microsoft says it will continue to make XP discs available to computer makers to enable downgrade rights through at least January 31, 2009.

• Microsoft is not ending support for Windows XP. Mainstream support continues until 2009, while extended support is not due to end until April 2014.