Jul 4, 2008

Mozilla did it!

And Mozilla did it to the guinness world book of record for the title most downloaded software in a day. The record was made official today with Guinness certifying that Firefox 3 was downloaded 8,002,530 times in the first 24 hours of its launch. That number weeds out all duplicate downloads and automated downloads. An amazing event in the history of downloads and software release. Mozilla did all its best to make this thing possible.

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Even internet explorer holds the 73% ot the market, it is posible
for mozilla to gain higher than this because it showed to most people who use this how good is their browser. The open source community is working so hard to beat microsoft.

But after the launch of mozilla firefox 3, microsoft's revenge is at hand while preparing for the launch is Internet Explorer 8, We never know who will own the crown, we never know who will be on top, The war of the browsers starts and we, the users, has the most benefit for we are the main target of their products



Anonymous said...

wow! way to go Mozilla. :) Galing ah! :D