Aug 5, 2008

foxit reader 2.3

E-books now are very essential, it's like having a virtual books that you can carry even in your thumb drives. We are fond of using adobe reader which we all now has a license to be purchased, thus, we are having a hard time looking for keygens. Foxit software just released foxit reader 2.3. Ive been using this pdf reader sine then, and i was amazed by its newest feature as it reached it's 2.3 version. This reader is a freeware and 4.15 mb in size which includes a toolbar.

New features:

New features:

  • Bookmark Design: Makes it possible to have your own bookmarks. Users can create, edit, or delete bookmarks in a PDF file if the security settings allow.
  • Multi-tab Browsing: Enables users to open multiple files in a single instance.You can choose to view PDFs in a multi-tab window or multiple instances by setting documents layout from the Preferences dialog.
  • Multimedia Player Support: Supports many media formats including audio and video. Read multimedia ebooks with Foxit Reader 2.3.
  • Callout and Text box Tool: Creates comments in a callout text box or a box. You can also define their appearance as other commenting tools.
  • Commenting Text Tool: Enables users to add most types of text edits by right-clicking on the selected text, including highlight, strikeout, underline, squiggly and replacement. You can also use the Commenting Text Tool to add bookmarks for PDF files.
  • Rulers and Guides: Provides horizontal and vertical ruler guides to help users align and position objects on the page. Right-clicking on the ruler enables you to change the unit of measurement.
  • Magnifier: Magnifies areas of the PDF files easily as you work on Foxit Reader.
  • Automatic Scrolling: Allows users to view documents without using mouse actions or keystrokes.
  • OCG Support: Enables the user to view related content stored in a variable number of separate layers.
  • FDF Related: Opens FDF files directly with Foxit Reader without any import implementations.
Enhanced Features
  • Optimized Rendering:Supports progressive rendering and significantly reduces the response time from the user interface events.
  • Improved Link Tools:Allows users to add actions to links, such as go to a page view, open or execute a file, open a web link, etc.
  • Improved Snapshot:Enables users to print the selected area in Foxit Reader by simply selecting the Print option from the context menu.
  • Search Enhancement:Allows users to float, move and resize the Full Foxit Search box.
  • Better Annotation control:Groups drawing markups to help users operate objects collectively, and allows users to move annotations through pages.
  • Font Information:Lists the fonts and the font types used in the original document in the Properties dialog.
  • Updated Command Line:Allows users to open password protected PDF documents with a simple command prompt.
  • Streamlined UI:A completely redesigned UI with a new look and feel makes Foxit Reader more intuitive than ever before.
  • Many bug fixes.


Foxit Reader is a multi-window and self-explanative software, the main work area is divided into view areas including Document pane and Bookmark pane, and functional areas including Menu bar, Toolbar pane and Status bar. The Bookmark pane and the Toolbar pane can be easily hidden or shown by the shortcut keys "ALT+1" and "F8" respectively.

The Menu bar and the Toolbar is at the top of the view areas; The Menu bar gives you the full access to all features of the Foxit Reader, and the Toolbar provides access to the frequently- used commands and facilitates your work with the document.

The Bookmark pane helps you browse through current PDF document and/or jump to an extended page.

The Status bar is at the bottom of the view areas. You can use the navigation controls to quickly navigate through the document, and use the page layout icon change the view mode.


michelle said...

wow...ive tried it and it doesn't slows down my PC unlike adobe reader...=)

thank you for this...=)