Sep 30, 2008

Egghead: My first Blender 3D Model

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Introducing: "Egghead"
It's 6:30 in the evening when I finished the initial touch for creating "egghead", together with nash in the laboratory room in our school. Egghead started as a UVSphere, touched with my hand controlling the mouse and the keyboard. Blender 3D is the most essential tool in creating 3D models. Today, they are in Version 2.47. The story of "egghead" will continue as my knowledge in 3D modelling will reach higher.

After "egghead" had finished his initial design, I will continue to enlarge my modelling capability to make "egghead" popular. Huh, take note, "Popular"...hahaha watch out for more of "eggheads" adventures.
What can you say about "egghead"?


Ayel said...

ang cute naman ni egghead. galing din ng sarimanok ni Nash.

trashman said...

hehehe....di pa nga lang siya complete kuya...hehehe

deejames said...

dili man sya murag egg.. hehehe.. pero nice kaayo imong renders kuya... go go go EGGHEADS! ask ko lang.. wala ba connection yan sa ? or sa eggdrop thingy?

trashman said...

wala...actually, ngaun ko lang narinig yan...hehehe

j4m3z said...

nice blending.