Sep 19, 2008

Lake Sebu NHS website: Now Online

After a month of endeavor to make this website possible, we, together with nash and joey had been consulted by our teacher to make the website for Lake Sebu National High School, a public school here in South Cotabato as a project of smartschools philippines to provide a website for every public schools here in the Philippines.

The Smart Schools Program is a community service initiative of Smart Communications Inc., in partnership with the Philippine Business for Social Progress, with the support of the Department of Education and Microsoft's Partners in Learning Program.

Making this website had brought us some heavy task because of too many revisions. We have created more than 3 web templates just to satisfy the IT coordinator of Lake Sebu National High School. Here are some of the resources we used to make this website:

1. Adobe Photoshop CS3 for the images
2. Lightbox scripts for the gallery
3. CSS script (Cascading Style Sheet)
5. Notepad for coding

Here is a screenshot in gallery section:

Here are the partners of Smartschools to make this program a success:

  1. Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP)

    PBSP, through its regional offices, is the implementing arm of the Program. PBSP conducts groundwork for Smart Schools, facilitates renovation works and equipment turnovers, coordinates ICT trainings through the PBSP-affiliated Microsoft's Partners in Learning Program, monitors development milestones, and provides partner schools with capability-building trainings for Program sustainability.

  2. Microsoft Philippines, Inc.'s Partners In Learning (PIL) Program AND Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP) Partner

    Microsoft The Partners in Learning Program is part of Microsoft's long-term commitment to empower teachers and students to help achieve their fullest potentials by providing greater access to the latest computer technologies and trainings.

    It provides Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) trainings to teachers under the Smart Schools Program through the South Eastern College (SEC) or through its partner Universities and Colleges (U&Cs).

    SweepFollowing a training-led deployment, existing SWEEP partner schools (Colleges and Universities) were accredited as PIL partners and underwent trainors' training on MOS. They in turn will provide training to public high teachers who are partners of the Smart Schools Program.

  3. Department of Education (DepEd)

    Department of Education (DepEd)DepEd, through its Adopt-a-School Program, supports the Smart Schools Program through the assistance of its division offices. The agency provides tax incentives to private institutions that assist in the upgrading and modernizing of public schools.

To know more about smartschools: [link]
To see the LSNHS website: [link]


Aethen said...

naku, mga batang 'to. kayo dapat magpacheeseburger kasi may accomplished project na kayo. Congrats.

selee said...

tama pala..ive been to lake sebu once..
the trip was nice..sarap mag kodakan ng kodakan..kaso we reached there around 4 pm and it was starting to fog (ginawa bang action word) all around, hehehe, we needed to go home fast or else mag suffer ang driver... hehehhee

trashman said...

hehehe...buti naman nakauwi kayo ng maayos...hehehe

ur right, napakaganda talaga ng lake sebu

Ayel said...

we're going to lake sebu NHS next week for the Regl Sci-Camp. Nanalo kasi student ko. :D

trashman said...

wow...hehehe galing naman ng sure its because of the teacher...hehehe