Sep 27, 2008

What's your worst virus ever?
Have you ever infected by a virus? oh, I mean you computer in infected by a virus...^_^ Im sure all of us happened to be a victim once, or maybe always by fast spreading virus "industry" in the whole world. It is very difficult for some user to protect themselves from viruses because of some things that they do not know.

There are degrees of damage that a virus can bring to your PC.

1st Degree: slowing down your PC. If you have a 512 mb of memory, thats good enough and running a windows XP operating system, but once a virus is running, it is just like you are running XP in a 128 mb of memory or less...ouch, a snail is just faster that you PC...

2nd Degree: corrupting of files as well as hiding you folders, some viruses that i encountered do such things especially hiding the folders and making it as an .exe file that also triggers its own effect.
3rd Degree: The most common, disabling of system programs like disabling task manager, run, folder options, cmd, system restore and etc.
4th Degree: The most irritating virus attack that will surely bring your operating system down and will surely subject to formatting the Hard disk and re installing windows and other, that's a waste of time.

In what degree do you have the most experience? ^_^


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

We always encounter the fourth one where we have to reformat our computer from scratch. It's a very tedious and time consuming process. But that problem has always been recurring to us because my kids just love to download online games from the net. I just have to buy my own pc to spare myself that trouble. Thanks for the informative post. God bless you always.

freakgene said...

Geez. I just encountered one! Haha. And im supposed to blog about it too. Hehe

Its not so much a pain in the ass though but its annoying coz it keeps on appearing on my flash disk. What's more annoying? Its named "SSG Nude Sex Scandal.." Hahaha!

But I think I have gotten rid of it just a while ago. I guess its milder than the ones you posted :)

trashman said...

haha...maybe you can blog something to avoid it...=)

Anonymous said...

I reformat it right away irregardless of the spyware. As soon as I can see changes in the way my pc or laptop runs...who you gonna call???...reformat!! tene tene tene tenene tene tene tenene...Reformat! hahaha

Just got rid of the SSG virus though, it is very common in net cafe's

trashman said...

reformatting always is not advisable...=)

Jay said...

actually, all of that.. haha.. when i was in college, i was not afraid of viruses.. i don't even install anti-virus programs or if installed, its virus database signature is not updated because of no internet connection.. i always have tips in deleting viruses in removable media/drives and i just laugh when i successfully remove viruses in it.. but when we had an internet connection, my pc was strong that it was rarely infected by a virus.. but this laptop is, i was so very mad when it is infected.. even if i have an anti-virus with the latest updates, is still is infected and i don't know how to remove them manually.. virus nowadays are very strong and vary in their tasks so it is very hard to remove unless you format your computer..