Oct 28, 2008

Thoughts in a tissue paper

First, let me say that, "MBS2 is the most memorable event in my life". This is my first time and im still in a recovery mode..haha The event was full of wisdom shared by the different people whose love for Mindanao is of great extent. It makes me feel so "greatful" to be one of the Mindanao bloggers.

As each speaker is delivering their speeches, I groped my pocket to see if I had bring my ballpen and a piece of paper to take down some notes for me to remember and quote some lines for my guidance in blogging. But this must be the result of cramming for I left my ballpen and paper in our hotel. Nice one! but my plan of taking down notes will never be aborted, I borrowed a ballpen from nash and get some tissue paper courtesy of lourdes and made my plan possible.

here are some of the things I noted in a tissue paper:

"were not just a blogger, but a Mindanaoan blogger with a capital letter M" - Waltzib Balane

"It takes a lot of butterflies to build a world full of flowers" - Hector MiƱoza's slide

"were just waiting for you to speak mindanaoans" - Jester in Exile

"Hindi obliged ang blog mo na bayaran ka..." - Conrad Miguel

"Very nice post, visit mine, its nicer" - Sir Avel

I want to congratulate all the persons behind this very successful event for a job well done. It is my first time to meet bloggers from mindanao and im very thankful.

Viva Mindanao!


Kevin Paquet said...

I like the last line.. buti kapa may mga notes, ako may laptop dala,mere photo memories ang natitira.. hehe..

The Trashman said...

hehehe...baka gusto mo photoopy.,..hehehe

the jester-in-exile said...

speak out. be heard. connect.


Cidy said...

Elow! ang saya ng summit anoh. It's good meron kang mga notes... Hope to see on MBS3...God bless!

The Trashman said...

haha...nahihiya nga ako tossue paper pa talaga...hehehe

Miah said...

wehehehe... nice post... ala gyud ta nagkita dah.. kadaug ka google pen diay?

Mikko said...


Cool, nakasulat sa magic tissue paper mo ang line ko.

Wala ako gaanong MBS2 memories aside from my presentation. Actually, wala rin nung 1st MBS.

Anyway, may Google pen din ako. Di ko binalik Google pen ni Ms. Aileen nung Google DevFest. Wahehehe.

The Trashman said...

hala ka...hehehe marami naman xa nun eh...hehehe