Oct 16, 2008

Top 10 Craziest PC cases

do you think that you have already the finest CPU case with that "techie" effect? Think about it after you see the top 10 most craziest CPU case moded for their own style...

#10. Dialup


A perfect CPU case for those you are fond of using the telephone especially tour grandmother for this looks like a telephone in their ages.

#9. Atlas Mech

Atlas Mech

Hey watch out! Its gonna blow...hahaha nice one, he thinks that he was in the world where the starwars saga is happening. This must be the perfect Case for your protection also..=)

#8. Digg


An idea got from the digg community that will surely dig your innermost interest to make something like this...=)

#7. Dashboard


Be warned that this is not a real car, just a look-a-like of it. You dont need any drivers license to use this PC case. Equipped with speedometer or i'll say CPU and RAM speedometer...haha fabulous!

#6. R2-D2


Does it need any answer of whats the favorite movie of the creator? hmm, Wow, amazing, very cute. The R2-D2 PC case features two CD/DVD drives, a pop-up WebCam and multiple USB ports.

#5. John Deere Gas Pump

John Deere Gas Pump

Ran out of fuel? no problem..haha This amazing creation may be the partner of the dashboard feature above..=)

#4. WMD


Opps! kinda destructive as it look, As its name suggest WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction)..whoa!

#3. Pumpkin


Perfect for Holloween, But I'm hoping I can bring it outside for decoration..^_^

#2. Microwave


hooo...can I make toasted hard disks of RAM inside it? hmmm...I don't think so, but this thing is really very amazing.!

#1. Toilet


This was the most wackiest CPU case I've ever seen. I really never understand why the designer thinks about having a toilet session while surfing the net. =)

So, wheres the one that you like to have???=)



selee said...

it's the 17th now..
don't have the updates for the epass
we might not see each other...

The Trashman said...

ha??hehehe ask sir evel daw...=)

sej said...

the car look-a-like is pretty good. as well as the Digg one. ofcourse, the #1 was really funny.