Nov 11, 2008

IS your PC or laptop getting slow?
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Are you getting so stressful with your laptop or PC running slow which is somehow like a turtle? Maybe this can help you to manage your PC or laptop effectively that can boost up its performance. There are several things that contributes to the amazing slow down of your PC or laptop which is also an experience from me:

1.) A virus contamination in your system
this could the most common source or slow down among PC for it consumes a lot in your memory from the time that your system starts. This also damage some of your system processes like disabling of task managers, folder options and even the registry editing feature of microsoft OS an many others.

solution: -A good antivirus that eliminates known viruses
-Use some antidotes prepared for a specific virus available in the internet
-Refrain form inserting USB in your PC without seeing its hidden files which will possibly be a virus
-Check my other posts that lets you prevent viruses
2.) Low Memory
another cause of slow down is low memory,

solution: -a windows XP operating system is requiring you to have at least 128 MB of memory space to cater the processes and features and if you have exactly 128 Mb of memory, then you can expect it to slow down. The memory space must be greater than the required memory space or Operating Sytem to accomodate other processes.
-add an additional RAM.
3.) Many programs run on startup
if you have installed so many applications, then you probably have a problem on the speed of your system startup because some applications have a startup feature that loads itself during startup which actually you're not needing it.

solution: -When installing new applications, be sure that you read options and instructions and decide whether you need the offered options or not.
-if you already had installed applications, go to run => then type MSCONFIG, then you go to STARTUP, uuncheck unnecessary spplications to be loaded during startup.
4.) CPU
if you have a pentium 3 processor or lower, this must be a problem, for todays applications are requiring a pentium 4 or higher processors.
solution: -upgrade CPU
5.) Dusty System unit
well, as theory says, a dirty surrounding will bear no good..=)
solution: - time for a total clean up drive..=)

PC and laptops are essential in everybody's work, in order to have efficiency in work, it must be take good cafe of.=)


Ayel said...

it's a big problem in our school. Most of our PCs slow down. IT based pa naman ang karamihan sa lessons ko. Tapos pa tlaga ang homepage ng PC namin. Huelar virus yata yun.

Would you know how to kill it?

The Trashman said...

hmm..huelar nga yun kuya...I'll post huelar antidote..=)