Jan 26, 2009

NDMU online orientation tool with mobile map system

This could be the hardest part of my college days, Thesis! weee...Me and Mr. Ivan Jude Busgano decided to make our thesis beneficial to our university. We are planning to have an online Map guide and orientation tool for Notre Dame of Marbel University. These are the details of the projects.

Online Orientation tool and Map guide
-Students of NDMU can browse our website which contains animated and interactive Orientation tool about the university. This project is intented to NDMU incoming freshman, visitors, and other students who are not familiar with the Place as well as rules and policies of the university.

- Map guide system is also available in this module, in this way, people can view details of the structures inside the school. This will also help students especially the freshman with information about the school.

Were planning to make it a flash animation with actionscripting and XML technology. XML can make swf file optimized for this will act as a call function of so many images which will be imported to the flash file. We will need softwares like Mocromedia flash 8 which caters actionscript 2.0, Adobe photoshop CS2 for enhancing images of the school.

Mobile map guide system
-this will cater SMS query from the students about the different locations of offices, departments and other structures. Mr. Busgano is the one doing all he can for this module.

screenshots of the project is still unavailable..

We hope that we can finish it before march..haha so ambitious, but with focus and determination, I know we can.

Im also needing help of those people who are very good in flash...Im badly needing help sir...=)


Ayel said...

Ayus 'to ah! Magiging hi-tech na ang NDMU!

trashman said...

hehehe...sana nga matapos ko...hehehe

Kat - Kat said...

Wow. Nice concept for your thesis :)) I know you can do it ^_^ kaya mu yan! aja! hahaha ~ hi-tech na school nyu. :))

Weee ~ your site looks great too ^__^

Semidoppel said...

Kaya mu yan! Buti ako tpos n jan.
Nice post! Is it ok if I exchange links with you?? Please link my blog, Thanks!

trashman said...

hehehe..hay...kakayanin ko..hehe pacquiao's heart..hahaha

@ semidoppel, kita...^_^

@ kat-kat, tnx...^_^

Aethen said...

naku, sana the whole Koronadal city is your geographical scope for the application. that would be excellent. hehehe. pero start the test with NDMU geo-map. Cool. Go!

Regards sa lahat ng IT pipz there. :D

trashman said... nga...start from the small area muna...hehehe

sure2, tani ka graduate kami tanan..hehehe

Anonymous said...

remember the photographer, forget that man, his(your classmate) useless anyway wahahah!!