Jan 14, 2009

Ways of shutting down your PC

shutdown, restart and hibernate. These term comes in one command like going into your start menu and just click these buttons, but have you counted the ways in which you can shutdown, restart, or hibernate your system? =) Here are some of the ways to do it from which I have experienced..=)

no.1: classic style:

use the start menu shutdown button to view shutdown, restart, and hibernate options on different windows version.


click unto the start menu item where shutdown options are shown.
The 01 intersection there in the picture is a representation of zero and one. One for "on" and zero for "off". The lock represents lock computer command. Click the arrow pointing outside and you can view different types of commands.

Windows XP

In windows XP, you can click directly the turn off button
No.2: shortcut technique:

-you can also do shutdown by adding a shortcut in your desktop, to do this just right click your desktop and select new -> shortcut and you will have this window:

Then type shortcut and click next, then you will see this window:
Type any desired name: ex: "shut me down", "kill me", "bring me to hell!", "restart me", "log off me" etc...hehehe
Then you have to change the properties of this shortcut by right clicking your new shortcut and select properties:
Then type these scripts after the word "exe":

-s -t 5 -c bye bye
*"-s represents shutdown option, you can also replace it by -r for restart or -l for log off"
*"-t is the time that it will take for the system to shutdown, you can also change the value in seconds"
*"-c represents characters that will be displayed when the timer is starting, you also can make a phrase of your own"

Add a little art in your shutdown icon by selecting available icons by clicking change icon button. Click APPLY and then click OK.

Now, lets run your shortcut (note: make sure you have no pending works..) Then you will have this window:

No.3: Script techniques

You will need a notepad here then just type these cmd commands:

shutdown -a -t -c bye bye

and save it as .bat
make sure that is has a file extension .bat and you're done..=)

No.4: Task manager

press CTRL + DEL and select the menu from the image:
windows vista do not have this option in task manager...=)

While your finished with shutting down your system in some ways, I will teach you how to abort or stop the on going shutdown. Open a notepad and type this commands:

shutdown -a, where "a" means abort...happy shutdown..=)


The Siraniks said...

ah oh you forgot, about on task manager in vista enterprise "no shutdown on task manager". Might some versions have.

trashman said...

tama..un pala sabi mo kanina..hehehe nakauwi ka na pala??hehehe

Rammyboi said...

wow! very informative ha.. ang dami plang teknik ng pag shutdown ng pc. tnx for the info! :D

Aethen said...

cool. done that before. thanks marvz!

trashman said... kasi ako maisip na unique na post..hehehe yung pang abort ng shutdown importante kasi may mga virus like password_viewer.exe na sinashutdown ung system pag mag open ka cmd, kaya click agad sa abort..hehehe

Anonymous said...

hmm "MAXCI"? i know thw shop hehehe nice one, hail to the trashman