Feb 2, 2009

Ambient Occlusion

Here is my 2nd attempt to create photorealistic image using blender 3D. I just use a text object, converted it into a mesh and extrude faces to a 3D look. I used ambient occlusion effect.

I don't know what is the real definition of ambient occlusion, but it somehow a setting of the right amount of light to an object which also mimic the the real amount of light in reality.

according to wikipedia :
Ambient occlusion is a shading method used in 3D computer graphics which helps add realism to local reflection models by taking into account attenuation of light due to occlusion. Ambient occlusion attempts to approximate the way light radiates in real life, especially off what are normally considered non-reflective surfaces, for example, in the way light through a small crack in the curtain in an otherwise darkened room can slightly illuminate the entire room, and not just the path of light passing through the crack itself.

Also I thank nash for helping me with some techniques..^_^ Im also planning to compose its texture this week...^_^

you can also see some of my artworks in my other blog [link]


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