Feb 15, 2009

Got Virus?

Im calling all the people who have been infected by viruses (computer viruses) . We all know that these things are very destructive and very annoying but this can be prevented. We just have to know the precautions and TTD (things to do) to eliminate these viruses. Its a very time consuming phenomenon if we are infected by viruses, it directly affects the efficiency of our work especially with those wo rely mostly on computers.

if you are a victim, please let me know the following:

1.) Virus name if possible
-sometimes, you can't see this, because its hidden
2.) The activity
-its how your computer behaves because of virus

This campaign is for all of us who are living in the digital world!

Also, im calling to those geniuses who have a knowledge about these stuffs, please let us help the ones who doesnt know.

Say no to viruses!