Feb 15, 2009

PSVX community: Now online

The PSVX or the Philippine Security and Virus Exchange organization has taken the first big leap in reaching out to Filipinos in the cyberworld. It introduced to me by a name tear[a]door, also known as angelion, joimai and other handles who is also the creator of viral massacre(anyone still using it? haha). This community of pinoy coders are dedicated to help people eliminate noob viruses as well as hard coded ones and show the world that we Filipinos exist in this cyberworld.

PSVX Profile

Philippine Security and Virus Exchange is a newly established website dedicated on providing online information resource for the Filipino community regarding information technology matters and its related issues, security issues, and malware issues, we offers help and support for all those who are in need, we also offers an exchange area where programmers and any interested parties can share knowledge and informations which are limited in the internet.

Philippine Security and Virus Exchange will serve as an information center where Programmers, VXers(Virus Writers), AVers(Antivirus Creators), Malware Enthusiast, and any third parties including ordinary individuals to meet in a circle where balance and camaraderie is highly observed. We allow black hat programmers (those who created viruses and release them for money and fame) to participate in our community but we will try to enlighten them and encourage them to be more productive rather than be destructive. Malwares are not supposed to distract people's lives, it is a means of discovering new things and contributing this discoveries to help the security development of the cyber world. We will try to encourage them to participate in community oriented task like providing help supports. PSVX will also try to educate the public about this issues because we believe that information sharing and distribution is the only weapon we got to protect our electronic data. Philippine Security and Virus exchange forum does not only focus on security and viruses. There are also a lot of topic category and sections where anyone can have some fun.

Some of the promising members of PSVX are:

Tear[a]door / Angelion


Point of Sale Systems, Malware Coding, Anti Virus Programming, Website development.

Projects done:
Viral Massacre,,, J. Pharmacy Point of Sale System, USGC Computerized Enrolment System, and other small softwares and sites.

What can you say about PSVX:
PSVX is a circle composed of pinoy programmers and pinoy hobbiest who share the same interest, and that is security and malwares. VXers (Virus Writers) and AVers (Anti Virus Coders) are all here, sharing ideas and possible solutions. So in other words, PSVX is not only about providing information and tutorials about virus coding but also about creating removal tools to help the Filipino Community. Always remember, computer malwares are like germs, we learned to live up with them and be immune. The greatest way to kill them is to know their natures..

more about PSVX @ [link]

Im calling all those who hear ye! this is just the first step in building a virus free cyber community.
I'm also encouraging students like me to explore and be a part of this community...

join us,


Dexter | said...

Off topic.. added ka na sa link page ko :)

trashman said...

salamat...add din kita...hehe

The Siraniks said...

marvz, down na pala ang PSVX, any idea saan na napunta ang community?

trashman said...

oo nash, wala na... wala akong balita if nag eexist yun sa ibang server.

patrick1979 said...

matagal na pong down ang psvx.
and im proud to say i was once a moderator there.

trashman said...

Hi brad patrick, join us in our fb group. PSVX..=)