Apr 1, 2009

Conficker worm remover

The scary worm will be the uninvited guest in April fool's day. The worm that infected millions of computer around the globe whose running Microsoft Windows Operating system blocks Microsoft updates as well as antiviruses like trendmicro, sophos and many others [here]

I searched the web for some removers but I don't know which one will work because I don't have the variant. I'm also looking for its source codes if somebody disassemble the worm. Just feel free to download some of the removers I found.

[download] Symantec note: please do visit the site here, they have a written steps on how to remove the worm.
[download] Bit defender (single PC remover)
[download] Bit defender (network remover)
[download] F-secure
[download] Sophos (standalone version)
[download] Sophos (network)


Anonymous said...

relly nice..thank you

coffee maker said...

it's been two days since the Conficker scare and thankfully it looks like most people have emerged unscathed (myself included)

trashman said...

We must be really thankful but remain careful..

Anonymous said...

Recommend it to anyone.
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