Mar 30, 2009

Election Automation

The new thread, talk of the town, and the one that scares me. I understand how much we need this kind of technology. I know that we are tired of very slow counting of votes, scandals, and treachery. We are aware that these things are happening and wants to eliminate them. But election automation can really make difference? For me, I don't think so. Some problems that I was scared of are:

Any systems have holes, any IT professional knows that. These holes are vulnerable to hacking, and since it is the first time here in the philippines, I know there would be a chance of having big problems. Any politicians who aims to win can have the advantages they want in return of a large sum of money (money for hackers!).

Kimball Brace, head of US Election Data Services, a hacking expert, warned that US poll computers “can be hacked.” He added, “History has shown that the first time somebody uses a new piece of voting equipment, that’s the time that they are going to have problems.” ( from

Even first world countries are having problems with this technology, and we can't blame others to have a second thought about this thing. I'm not saying that we can't do it, not this time. It is not the time for a sudden change.

Undesirable Problems:
Also, we are scared of unplanned events, we can't have the best reliability. We care about our votes.

What if our votes are not counted?
What if there is already a data in the database and the winner is already there?
What if there is an agreement between the bidders of the project and the powerful politicians?
What if the database will be destroyed?
Can it eliminate treachery?
Can it make change?
What if there is an error in transmission?
What if the vote for candidate no.1 will go to candidate no.2?
Will the poll watchers be given authority over the machines?
What is there is a machine failure?

These are some of the questions that needs a more comprehensive answer.

Virus Attacks:
How will the machines defend itself from viruses? We know that it is running using computer, and viruses created using assembly language have the power to define and destroy computers.

I hope government leaders will really think about it because we are dreaming of a just and fair election. Will this technology can make these dreams to life or we will just keep on dreaming?


henyo said...

oo nga noh? hay, gagastos na naman ng maraming pera...tsk3

trashman said...

oo nga...hay, di sila natatakot magwaldas ng pera sa step na di naman sigurado sa kalalabasan...