Sep 7, 2009

Firefox is Web Developer's Bestfriend

When I started to work as a web programmer for a company here in Davao, I started to know how powerful mozilla firefox is. I discovered some of the firefox plug-ins that helps web developers make their work easy. One of the most critical factors that affects web developers is "Time". We cannot extend deadlines as much as we can. So, we put ourselves in too much preassures and stress games.

Mozilla has a solution! they have these following add-ons which can really be helpful:

Firebug: This tool is integrated in the web browser and gives you the power to monitor HTML, CSS, and javascript errors in any web page.


firebug interface below the browser

Using Element Inspector

firebug is showing the current layout properties


MeasureIt 0.3.9: It draws out a ruler that can be used to measure element's width and height.


Interface when measuteIt is enabled

EditCSS 0.3.7: Allows you to edit CSS file of a webpage in the editor located at the side panel of the browser.


screenshot of editCSS

Explore some of the developer tools of mozilla firefox [here]