Nov 25, 2009

How to create custom page in magento?

Here are the steps in creating custom page in magento:
1st: Login to your magento administration area.
2nd: Go to CMS -  Manage Pages

3rd: Click "Add new page"
4th: Fill the fields with the following values

5th:Click on the custom design tab and select you preferred design and layout scheme.
6th (optional): You can input meta data and descriptions etc..
7th: Save your created page and you're done.

Use this to create a link to your newly created page

test1 = SEF URL
Staff = Link Name
Now your menu is ready.  Go to magento frontend and click on ‘Staff’ menu to see your new page


Magento Designer said...


Thanks for post about magento custom page
I think this is very easy to change custom page in Magento eCommerce.