Nov 16, 2009

How to install joomla in local machine?

This is how to install Joomla CMS Framework locally in windows if in case you don't have a web server and you are starting to learn this framework. This installation requires the following:

-MySQL (for database management)

You can have these all in a single installer. Ok, now for the steps on how to Install Joomla in a local machine.
Step 1: Download xampp (available here).
Step 2: install xampp. and run the apache as service.

Start apache and mysql and Check the apache svc checkbox

Step 3: Download Joomla package here and extract.
Step 4: Go to /htdocs and copy the extracted joomla folder here.
Step 5: And you're ready to start the installation, start your browser (I recommend using mozilla firefox).
Step 6: type in the address bar:" //localhost/"
Step 7: Then you will see this interface and you can start installing joomla.

Select your preferred language first.

Then you will be redirected to the pre-check page

Then you must agree to the terms and conditions unless you are not.
Then you will have to set up the database. go to //localhost/phpmyadmin and create a database named "joomla".

Go back to joomla installation and fill up the fields.

database type: mysql
host name: localhost
username: root
password: do not put anything
database name: joomla

Skip the next page then set up your site configuration. After that will be your time to explore the power of joomla.


Anonymous said...

soweeetttt..thank man, your the master hahaha

Marvin Fernandez said...

just follow the steps..=) inform me if anything fails...=)

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