Apr 29, 2010

7 Reasons to learn CSS

CSS or Cascading Style Sheet styling is a very important process of making a flexible website in terms of design. Using CSS, you can freely modify the look of your website like Image Properties, Links Properties, container properties, color and etc. CSS is very easy to learn with a lot of benefits for the developer if used properly. You don't need to be a programmer to fully understands CSS, you just have to learn how the website works and displayed in the browser.

Here are my top 7 reasons why a web developer must know and understand the nature of CSS.

1. Save Money
- if you have a small business and money is very critical, you will think twice before hiring or paying for someone to do a simple CSS-based website for you. With a little knowledge about CSS, you can make your simple website that will put your company name in the world wide web. But if you think you're lazy enough, contact me and I'll do it for you..=)

2. Build Website with Different Designs
- With CSS, you can build many websites with different design in a very minimum time. For example you have a 3 CSS-based website and you want these 3 website to have different color scheme. You don't have to edit the HTML code, you just replace the values of the properties in the CSS like background-color, font color, link color or even images.

3. Fast Design Modification
- You don't have to work so hard for your website to have a new design. You can make christmas, holloween or even independence day themes for your website with a very less effort. That's amazing isn't it?

4. Money Making Hobby
- This is very true. Most guys spends most of their days making CSS-based websites for some online clients and that makes them the most loved workers in the internet.

5. Gives Justice to your Design
- Sometimes, a good design has a very complicated layout. (I said "sometimes"). If you want your design to appear in the browser as it looks in the raw image, then doing it with CSS can satisfy your hunger for details. The learning of CSS is really paying, believe me.

6. Easy to manage Browser Incompatibilities
- For us developers, IE sucks! (sorry for that..). But with CSS IE hacks, we are being friendly to IE users. Developing a website to cater all browser rendering is a challenge, and were very thankful for CSS hacks are there.

7.) Website Scalability
- CSS helps make websites to be responsive regardless of internet connection speed. You can eliminate of minimize the use of images just by replacing solid colored graphics to hex colors. A 16 Kb image is not that big, but it contributes to the whole website file size.


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