May 7, 2010

Free Credit Card Numbers

You want a free credit card number? Some people want too, and some people are not stupid enough to give away card credentials. These Are some things that some people do to steal credit cards.

Note: This article is for the information of card holders on how thieves steal credit card information.

Viruses with keylogging routines
-This is one of the most effective procedures in stealing credit card information. These viruses have a keylogging routines which records every keystrokes in keyboard and sends it to the email of the creator.

Ex. You are shopping online using your credit card, an you're not aware that someone is recording your keystrokes.
what to do? - make sure you have a good antivirus (the genuine one.) and must contain latest updates.

Scam Sites (Phising)
-When shopping online, make sure the site you are into is secured and verified. Some scam sites just store credit card information and use them for their personal interests.

Ex: fake facebook login
-what to do? - check the url if valid or not.

Over - all tip
-Be careful in sharing your private information in the internet.

There are intelligent people out there, Do not let them use their intelligence for evil doings..=)


Aimee said...

what!? Viruses records my keysroke? OMG! nakakatakot naman pala mga viruses, kala ko naninira lang sila ng PC, nagnanakaw pala...

Thank you for this post.

Jake said...

tsk tsk, buti nalang wala akong credit card..hehehe

Marvin Fernandez said...


that is true aimee, di mo alam nasa computer mo na sila.

delikadi kung di mag iingat...=)

Marvin Fernandez said...


Good for you, wala kang aalalahanin. =)

Lala said...

Thanks for the reminder.. :D Now I know...i'll be extra careful na. :D

Free Cellphone Load said...

kaya ayaw na ayaw ko credit card e ahehe maliban sa mataas na magbigay ng interest, pwede ka pa makawan ng hindi mo nalalaman waaaaa

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Victoriamabel said...

That is great to here. I liked your post. Keep posting interesting matters here. Thanks for all sharing great info here


Richard said...

Thanks for sharing even though I have no idea why you posted it, but I kinda like it though