Aug 11, 2010

ZTE scandal virus with akon mp3 remover

How to remove ZTE scandal virus? Here's the steps:

-wormblaster which was created by Fortunato Estorgio Jr has a built in killer for the said virus. It removes the strains of the virus created on the Drives, restore the default registry values affected by the virus, and removes the processes on startup.

Process Explorer
- this tool will help you find the running processes of zte scandal virus.


Mandatory step 1: Kill the running virus first:
- if you won't kill the processes associated with the zte scandal virus, the virus will terminate the wormblaster, and womblaster will revive itself that will result to never ending killing and reviving. lol!

What process should be killed?

-I really can't remember the processes running associated with the zte scandal virus but I am pretty sure it has zte labels. Just kill the processes with zte labels and also Isass.exe (the original name of this is lsass.exe). don't be confused with the I and l.

Mandatory ste 2: Run the wormblaster script engine first before running the womblaster. Then click on the built in killers and select zte scandal and click run script.

Note: This procedure is done on windows 7 environment.