Nov 26, 2010

How can someone hack your facebook account?

Facebook is the new addiction, thus a good playground for script kids to invade and hack facebook accounts. These are just something on my mind on how can I be able to hack facebook accounts. This is just a product of my sci-fi dreams, nothing really serious. =)

Masked Apps
- App names can make you click anything as long as it gets your interest like "know your sex partner here", "how silly are you", or "hack other accounts here" application names. Isn't it tempting to use that apps? Sometimes, script kids create these apps and make a "facebook like" website as a redirect when opening an application and will ask you to log-in again on facebook because of some session error or similar. WTF, they have their own database that stores your login info as you try to log in. This is some kind of obvious but anyone can be a victim, especially noobies and non computer duded and gals.

An error email from some trying to be facebook admins.
-  I think this is some kind of old school because this is far old than new type of attack but again, anyone can be a victim. Some "", or "", or "" will send you an email that will contain these sample lines

your facebook account has been hacked and you have to get it back, log in here "www.facebook-regain".
And when you have fallen into the trap, they will have your account.

These are just friendly tips. Remember that nothing is safe in the internet, be a wise user.


Mommy Moja said...

so, back to basic... never use real info about you on net... just use fictitious info... just be sure to remember those info you used during applications on net