Nov 26, 2010 mozilla firefox addon with spyware virus

Three days ago, I'm seeing mozilla firefox connecting as I'm refreshing the pages of websites that I have created. I've searched for and found something bad.
This is something that is added to the hosts file that comes from IE Tab Plus.
Please follow the following steps to cease the problem with

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1. Find IE Tab Plus under Extensions
2. Select the IE Tab Plus options
3. Select Basic Mode
This will disable Windows Shopper that uses superfish
You can see some instructions for replacing the IE Tab here
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Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

So that's how I disable it to get pages to load in a timely manner. Thank

Anonymous said...

This was helpful - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think this explains the matter better:

Anonymous said...

Gracias, ahora no se intenta conectar a

Thanks, now it's ok. Don't connect to it's spyware