Feb 23, 2011

Facebook Backyard Monster Tips, Hints, Shiny Cheats, Built Time Cheats

Facebook application  Backyard Monster has already gained its popularity because of it's game nature. The main objective of this game is to build a good backyard filled with the most advanced defense system and a fatal weapon for attacking other backyard.

Here are some of the Tips, Tricks, Cheats to have more money and resources for backyard monster game

Backyard Monster Money Cheats:
 - In order to have a lot of shiny for backyard monster game in facebook, you will need to have a credit card or paypal account to purchase credits called shiny. In order to have free shiny without spending money, you can ask for a friend for it as a gift. You can also ask your mother or father to help you in this strategy game.

Reduce Build Time and Upgrade Time:
- Building and upgrading time is so slow that would take as long as 1 day or more depending on the type of build. This is how to reduce build time and upgrade time in Backyard Monster.