Apr 26, 2011

Trashman wants that iPad!

This is epic! A free iPad for me? wow! I can't wait to touch that screen and tap tap tap on any applications in it. Whoa! Sherweb is just great in giving me this birthday gift. Besides the fast that they are the #1 hosted exchange provider, they're also like Santa Clause. :)


Why Should Trashman have the iPad?

1. Destiny - Some things are really made for each other, and no one can stop destiny from fulfilling its prophecy! woot! Since the old times, it is written in the book of the Mayan Civilization next to the 2012 prophecy page that Marvin Prejas Fernandez and that sexy apple iPad will be together to bring a new sensation in the other planet which is World Wide Web. Good thing that Sherweb is about to make that prophecy happens and of course with Jehzlau .:D

2. Tech Upgrade - since I don't have the laptop in me, I can't listen to my favorite beatles songs at night. iPad is awesome that i can sync my favorite beatles song that could make my dreams all well. Also, I can be a total tech geek if i have that because of its awesome performance and design in one. I can replace my old black and white TV and 3310 mobile phone.

3. Blog Updates - since I don't have my own laptop, updating my 2 blog is quite a hard time and expensive since I am renting 12 pesos per hour in internet cafe's. With this iPad, I can update my blog anytime anywhere even while in the bathroom. yay!

4. Mobile Web Applications - since I am familiarizing myself with magento e-commerce platform, it would be easy for me to  create and test magento for mobile. Whoa! This would mean an achievement for me as a newbie in e-commerce development.

5. I am a LONER - I can replace my imaginary friend with this iPad and I guess I can go back to the "real world". I will never be sad again as a person who prefers to be alone that to be in a crowd.

6. I didn't won the android phone last year - this is my way of facing a defeat. woot! :) I know I can make it now, and this time, I can't afford to lose that sexy iPad thing. Well, as they always say, "If a door closes on you, get the key and open it." haha.

7.  It's my birthday on April 29 - And this means that this iPad must come to me as a gift. haha

Well, good luck on me for thsi entry ..:D

All is Well! haha


Semidoppel said...

No, it's mine! mine! hahaha peace bro! napadaan lang

Eymard Siojo said...

Cool post bro. Good luck. and Happy birthday in advance. =)

jehzlau said...

awesome 7 reasons! yay! Btw, something's wrong with your link to It points to instead of O__O

Marvin Fernandez said...

@jehz: Its working fine now.. :D

@eymard: salamat..hehehe gift ko ha..hehehe

@Semidoppel: sorry, the prophecy must happen.. lol

Good Filipino said...

wow ayos ah :) tingin ko ikaw na nga :)

Marvin Fernandez said...

sana ay ako na nga..hehehe